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Why MGP?
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      Why Use MGP DIRECT, Inc?

First, we are not...

A flashy general advertising agency or a boutique design studio looking to pad our portfolios (although ours is pretty impressive.) We're not a web development firm who puts glitz before content or "cool creative" before tangible results.

We are, simply put, a highly experienced direct marketing agency devoted to and specializing in information marketing - an area underserved by general agencies who just don't "get" the print/web/electronic publishing business.

Not just a job, but an adventure...

Truth is, we love marketing information in every shape, form,
and configuration.

Print, electronic, or web... from books, journals, and newsletters to video, software, conferences, and more - we've done it all and done
it well as many of our clients, current and past, will attest.

And now we even market people! We recently added rsum writing to our roster of services and why not? Doesn't your career deserve the same level of skill and marketing acumen as any any product or serve marketing effort?.

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We understand your business...

We can help you make sense of the big picture and put the finishing touches on the smallest details. We know the challenges of marketing successfully in the customer and prospect universes. We understand the price points that can make or break a promotion.

We know how to generate toasty warm sales leads from the tightest budgets and deliver profitable sales that just might make your CFO/Comptroller crack a smile (at least once.)

We will engage you in an ongoing dialog about your business or organization. We know the questions that your customers want asked and answered before they'll commit to a sale... before they'll divulge their email address or request additional information.

A proven track record of success in your kind of publishing

Our clients represent a wide variety of commercial, business, academic, social service, association, and not-for-profit publishers. For more than 17 years, we've successfully marketed these diverse information products and services:

  • text books
  • references
  • journals
  • newsletters
  • directories
  • software
  • video
  • image licensing
  • newsletters
  • websites
  • e-books
  • e-learning
  • e-zines
  • seminars
  • conferences
  • e-commerce

Strong medical, nursing, allied health, EMS/Fire, healthcare, hospital, social service, and education product marketing expertise

We have also worked with the architecture/building trades, business and political news, banking and financial services, and more.

Always at your service...

MGP is a lean organization where you always get our very best without a long lead time or learning curve required. Our small size allows us to be selective about the projects we take on, so each client receives our full, personalized attention. We're always ready to meet your challenges head-on with candor, care, and flexibility ... and we do it on time and on budget.

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