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      Web Development, Consulting & Content Writing


The most important aspect of any website, but especially for the website of an information publisher, is getting visitors to the information they need as quickly and cleanly as possible.
(If your visitors need to click more than three times to get to what they want, chances are you've lost them to a competitor's site where they won't have to work so hard.)

You want an attractive, content-rich site with navigation so logical and easy-to-understand that just about anyone could use it with confidence.

No one likes it when a website's design and navigation makes them feel less-than-bright. Unfortunately, though, too many websites seek to impress rather than welcome and inform their visitors.

When you choose MGP Direct as your web consultant, our main job is to help you organize your content to make it easy for your visitors to get what they need... with ease, simplicity and speed. You'll hear us talk about intuitiveness, user-friendliness, and the "don't make me think" school of visitor usability which states simply - Have everything arranged and labeled in such a way that it makes the most sense to the visitor.


  • Initial site and navigation planning
  • Content preparation, writing, editing
  • Site design
  • Identification of additional web tools for visitor interactivity - email list generation, newsletter, chat rooms/forums, forms, etc.
  • Recommendations on web log analyzers to help you make sense of your visitor traffic and behaviors


And if selling on the web is one of your main priorities, we have extensive experience in e-commerce site development.

We're here to help you make the best decisions about proceeding into ecommerce - what kinds of stores have the best chances at success, which ecommerce services make the most sense for you, what kind of shopping cart, procuring a merchant account -- and don't forget search engine optimization and marketing -- as well as all the attendant technology that makes online selling so attractive and effective.

Here are just some of the stores for which we played a strong, integral part:

  • AdoptShoppe (First published 1999, revised 2003 - also owned by MGP Direct, Inc.)
  • AdoptShoppeBooks (First published in 2000, revised 2004 - also owned by MGP Direct, Inc.)
  • NetterArt  - (First published in 2001, completed revised 2004)

We'll be happy to review your current or help you build one from scratch. Call or email us today!