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      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Okay, so now you have your big beautiful website, so where's all the big beautiful traffic ... and why isn't it converting to sales and leads?

If you build it, they will come may work for building ballparks in the middle of an Iowa cornfield, but it doesn't work to get visitors to your website. Many companies today spend a lot of money of fancy, whiz-bang websites and think that if they build it, the traffic will just magically appear.

Well, sad to say, that just ain't so.

Today's websites are more than just online brochures, electronic magazines, or sales/lead generators. They're also one more product in your information mix that needs to be marketed with equal expertise and enthusiasm as any other in your product line or service capabilities.

Simply stated, when prospects are looking for what you have to sell, you want them to find you in the top 20 (top 10 is better) of every important search engine and directory. And we can make that happen for you. (In fact, we may be one of the few direct marketing agencies who actually do this special kind of website marketing at all.)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Philosophically, we donít believe that there is any such thing
as a quick fix to get you top 10 rankings. We donít engage in cloaking, doorway or gateway pages, multiple domains, or other questionable SEO techniques.

We do, however, get top 5 rankings for many of our clients' primary search phrases. Itís been our experience that "Natural Search Optimization" based on crafting solid keyword rich content Ė as well as the implementation of  the proven, ethical techniques outlined below Ė represents a successful core strategy to drive high quality website traffic.

"When we first contacted MGP, we appeared on the third page of "Google" for the search term "reading." We now appear on the first page, and come up between the 5th and 7th entry. We're thrilled with this result!"

Pam McKeta
WETA/Reading Rockets



  • Keywords/phrases
  • Link popularity
  • Link exchange opportunities
  • Pay-per-click and related opportunities


  • Title, meta description and tag optimization
  • Keyword density/copywriting
  • Alt-tag creation


  • Design and navigation review
  • Text and design element placement

Web Analytics

  • Web logs review and analysis


  • Manual submission to top engines/directories
  • Manual and automatic site submission to other general and relevant topic specific engines
  • Manual submission to authorized pay-per-click engines and webrings


Because SEO is a process, we're happy to work with you on an on-going basis to fine-tune web content, meta tag development, and identify and research reciprocal link exchange opportunities.


From making them to marketing them, we can help you achieve all your website goals. Call or email us today and we'll be happy to tell you more.

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