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      Marketing & Copywriting Resources

In 20+ years of writing direct response promotions, email, SEO copy, and web content ... developing small business and e-commerce websites ... coaching aspiring copywriters ... and everything related, I review, test and buy a lot of information, products and services. If something saves me time and money -- or better yet, makes me money, I'm happy to share the good news.

Here's a list of my favorite marketing-related publications (print & web), products, and services. Take a look yourself and see if you won't find a real gem or two for yourself! (In the spirit of transparency, you should know I'm an affiliate of many of these programs. But I never affiliate with a service that fails to truly deliver on its promises. Test-drive the recommendations for yourself and see what works best for you!)


Constant Contact
Market to your clients with Email - 60 Day Free Trial

This is another easy-to-use email management program I've used and would recommend. Also has professional templates for your immediate use or you can add your own custom html. Reasonably monthly fees. Great 60-day trial plan, too.

Vertical Response
Create, send and track email!

This is one service that makes the whole process of collecting, managing, sending, and tracking emails very easy. You can use their templates or your own custom html. No monthly fees, either. Reasonable per email rates. Abides by all the state compliance restrictions. I use this service for my own store,

Get Response

Looking for a solid auto-responder email program with a lot of muscle for the money, Get Response really caught my eye. This is a productivity packed system that makes the whole process pretty easy. Too many features to list here. Try it for free like I did. See what you think.


I-Stock Photo

Inexpensive, generally high quality images. Great for marketers on a tight budget.


PayPal Business Accounts

I use PayPal for my coaching students as well as paying vendors - it's quickest way I know of to make and receive payments without a lot of hassle. (No waiting for checks to arrive and then clear.) The PayPal Business Account also makes it easy to process regular credit and debit cards.