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      Working with MGP Direct

How does working with MGP DIRECT work?

You need it when?

Every project starts with a review of the information product or service to be marketed. We want to see EVERYTHING you have... initial product proposals, author questionnaires, sales budgets and projections, customer testimonials - the works. You can't give us too much information because sometimes in the pile of paper is a little chunk of gold waiting to be discovered and polished to a hard shine.

We review, ask questions, work with you to set the goals and parameters... and then we get to work... quickly, efficiently and effectively to get your job done right.
Regardless of size - from a single email to a multi-level, multimedia campaign - every project gets the same high-level of attention and enthusiasm.

Your work never gets lost in the shuffle.

Because we're a nimble little company, we are able to work in ways that best suit your particular needs.

We do our best work with clients who value the marketing process as much as we do... who love to dig deep into customer thinking and buying behaviors... who know their competition inside and out... relish finding new channels to their best prospects... and think the best thing about direct marketing is "counting the cards" when the orders, leads or web traffic starts rolling in.

MGP bases every project on the mission and goals of our client. And if there's no specific mission in place at the start, we ask the questions and raise the issues that help lay the groundwork for a clear, focused marketing vision.

For us, the ultimate measure of success is the positive impact on your profitability.
Clients who have worked with MGP trust us to get the job done without having to constantly look over our shoulders. (It's our job to lose sleep, not yours.)

While we're very self-reliant, we'll always keep you apprised of our every step along the way, so you won't be hit with any unpleasant surprises. (But when those occasional unpleasantries do arise, we'll already have several solutions to offer - before you even have to ask.)

How does MGP charge for its services?

If you've been thinking about adding to your marketing staff, chances are you couldn't find, let alone afford, the 20-plus years of high-level of expertise that MGP presents.
But even with our specialized knowledge, marketing savvy, and attention to every important detail - dollar for dollar, we're one of the smartest, most economical choices you can make.

Choose MGP and you pay only for experience and talent, not the overhead of a fancy corporate office at a downtown address.

You get all the benefits of a full-service direct marketing agency at your disposal at a surprisingly affordable, efficient cost. You can hire us on a:

  • Monthly retainer - the best choice when you have numerous campaigns and need copywriting, consulting, and search engine optimization services on a consistent, uninterrupted basis for a minimum of three months.
  • Per-project - the best choice for when you need copy, consulting, search optimization services for discrete projects with clear start to finish parameters.
  • Hourly - the best choice for consulting services.

Has MGP won any awards?

Awards are a nice boost for the internal ego, but our clients don't pay us to feel good about ourselves. They do pay us for results. And that they see plenty.

The only award we seek are satisfied clients and projects that perform to or exceed their expectation. Nothing else really matters.

Many of our clients have been loyal to us (and us to them) from almost the moment we first opened our doors in 1987. We believe the "proof is in the proverbial pudding" and our work shows it with higher response rates and simply, better marketing.

How do I get more information?

For more information or a free, no-obligation (and no-hassle) consultation on the ways MGP can help you energize your marketing program, call us at 410-531-0383 or email Roberta Rosenberg to learn more.

By the way, what does MGP stand for?

The short answer is Montrose, Greenhill & Player. But the imagination behind the name tells a bigger story.

When I started my business, I knew I needed a name that conveyed strength, confidence, professionalism, but without feeling stodgy. Driving through Rockville, MD one day, I stopped at Montrose Road for a red light. Daydreaming a little, I realized that Montrose was the French variation of Rosenberg, my maiden name.

"Hmm...", I thought.

Then I thought of my mother's maiden name, Greenberg, and anglicized it in my mind to Greenhill. (My mom adored all things British.) Married at the time to a fellow name Chess, Player became the obvious and final touch.

And with that Montrose, Greenhill & Player was born. (We incorporated in 1990 as MGP DIRECT, Inc.)

The moral of the story? If I can be that creative sitting at a traffic light, imagine what I can do for your business when I'm actually working... for cash money.

Contact me today!