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The Copywriting Maven

See The Copywriting Maven, my new bizblog for
copy tips, hints and great resources!

      DM Strategy & Copywriting Services

The core of any smart direct marketing campaign begins with thoughtful preparation, foresight, and a fully articulated goal.


Before the mail is mailed or emailed, before the promotion is designed, and before the first word of copy is written... you have to have a plan - where do you want to go, what do you want to achieve, how long do you want it to take, and what resources do you need to make it all happen.

I'll help you formulate a plan that works at a price that works with your budget.

I assist clients with marketing and creative strategies, product/service development, results analysis, and more.
My experience in information marketing – both for print
and electronic/web products – is second to none. I have extensive experience in marketing information products in the B2B medical/healthcare, legal, social service, academic, and association fields.
  • General marketing consultation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Concept analysis
  • Marketing plan development

(See our list of current and past clients in our Portfolio.)

"Working with MGP Direct is a pleasure. They always meet or exceeds critical deadlines while providing exceptional strategy management, and copywriting The best thing about MGP is their ability, regardless of the job given, to help you establish a distinctive voice and cut through all of the 'noise'."

Alison J. Hankey
Manager, Licensing
and Electronic Publishing
Icon Learning Systems


Copywriting isn't what I do while while I'm working on my novel. Copywriting is what I love to do. Effective, tightly written, uniquely conversational and motivating copy that finds your prospect's sweet spot and gets them to say, "YES, Give me more of that, please."

I'll help you sell your information to the right people
with the right offer with just the right copy approach.
  • Postcards
  • Selfmailers
  • Letter packages
  • Catalogs
  • Sales collateral
  • Email campaigns
  • Fax broadcasts
  • Display advertising
  • Telemarketing scripts
  • Press releases
  • Product packaging
  • Website content
  • Web advertising, text and banner

"Worth every penny! The acquisition pieces that have been written for me at two different organizations have consistently pulled in higher response rates than any other copywriters that I have used. With the days of less than a 1% response rates being the norm, it's great to be getting 2-3% response rates with MGP copy."

Elizabeth Nolan
Former Vice President for
Business Development
Worldwatch Institute


(These representative copy samples are presented for review purposes only. The copyright for each work listed here belongs to the respective client as identified.)

Call 410-531-0383 or email me today to let me know how I can help you get the most from your marketing dollar!