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      About MGP Direct, Inc.

It's all about a passion for sharing information...

I opened MGP Direct, Inc. (formerly Montrose, Greenhill & Player Direct Marketing) in 1987. Then and now, I wanted to work with commercial, academic, association, and not-for-profit publishers to help them achieve their marketing and sales goals with effective strategies and creative expertise.

Why? Because I really love information. It teaches, informs, delights -- to use a cliché, it empowers. And who wouldn't want a little piece of that everyday!

It's this personal passion that is the foundation of my work as a marketing consultant and copywriter. Even after 20+ years in the business, I still bring sincere, bright-eyed enthusiasm and big-time marketing smarts to every project I tackle.

In fact, in the past year, rather than expand the "we" of MGP, I'm stripping MGP down to its "essence" - to the core of print/electronic/web marketing strategy, copy, and consultation -- and yes, and now we even market people which is why we've added résumé writing and preparation to our list of marketing capabilities.

In case you're wondering, the "we" is me, Roberta Rosenberg. Yes, we have a small administrative staff and, depending on the project, I work with print and web designers, technical exports. But the marketing is me - and that means you always get experienced, senior-level marketing consulting and copywriting.

More about Roberta

While MGP remains my primary business, I have a restless entrepreneurial spirit. So in 1999 while awaiting the word that our second baby from Korea was ready for travel, I launched and, gift stores for adoptive parents. Almost seven years later, we're some of the best-known shopping sites for the adoption community, here and abroad. So if you're interested in getting into e-commerce or looking to improve your current operation, email me for additional information. Because when it comes to e-commerce I just don't talk the talk, I walk it every single day.

And because I obviously don't have enough on my business plate, in February 2004 I purchased a small adoption baby book publishing company now known as AdoptShoppe Press. We sell to and other online and storefront retailers who also cater to the adoptive parent book and gift market.

In my pre-MGP business life, I worked for a direct marketing agency, health science publisher, and commercial radio in various copywriting, marketing manager, and account executive positions.

I've been a long-time member and volunteer with the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (my last major project was Program Chair of the 2000 Annual Conference). I've held both President and Treasurer Chairs for the Women's Direct Response Group/DC, and am also a member of the Publishers Marketing Association and the National Association of Resume Writers.

And when I have the time (and am asked nicely) I give presentations and workshops on direct marketing, copywriting, small business, and women's entrepreneurial topics.


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